Jack O Lantern

To celebrate Halloween or not to celebrate Halloween? That seems to be a pressing question in many Christian and church circles today. After all it is Halloween (and Reformation Day).

I’m going to let the cat out of the bag: I celebrate Halloween…in the sense of letting my kids dress up in costumes and go around asking our neighbors for candy. Heck, I’ll dress up tonight (and probably ask my neighbors for candy, too).

In the minds of some Christians, unfortunately, that makes me a heathen. In the minds of other Christians it doesn’t even matter. In my mind, I’m just being neighborly and promoting community among people that I honestly don’t see come out of their homes most days out of the year.

I’m not going to over-spiritualize my reasons (but some of my reasons are spiritual) for being “O.K.” with Halloween. And my intent is not to belittle or begrudge anyone who is opposed to this holiday. That said, here are 4 reasons that I say go for it and have fun this evening:

  1. It is the only night of the year that many of your neighbors will come outside and eagerly and happily interact with you – take advantage of the opportunity!
  2. The secular world already feels like we have an “us against them” mentality, so let’s give the whole “love your neighbor” thing a try and break down some of those walls!
  3. As an ambassador of Christ we can insert the Gospel into an evening that otherwise wouldn’t have that presence in it. If our job is to bring light into the world, why do we run from the “darkest night of the year” in fear? That tactic hasn’t worked out so well for us in the public school systems.
  4. I fail to see the difference between letting my kids Trick-or-Treat on Halloween vs. giving them a chocolate bunny or Easter basket on Easter vs. buying them gifts on Christmas (it’s not even their birthday). If you are opposed to all 3 of these I don’t think you should be reading this blog to begin with.

Bottom line: if Jesus redeemed a sinner like me – and He did – then I believe He can redeem a night like Halloween and might actually be pleased to use us to minister the Gospel among neighbors who need to hear it everyday of the year. I’m not willing to avoid this opportunity to share it with them.


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