The next few weeks are going to be unique and exciting in the life of our church.

AugustAs a church plant that doesn’t have regular 24/7 space (as is the case with most church plants) we are dependent on renting a venue for our Sunday morning worship services. There are times that the venue isn’t available and we have to come up with a Plan B…or C…or D…you get the idea. As was the case at the end of last summer, the rooms at the community recreation center that we use on Sunday mornings aren’t available as they do their annual cleaning and preparation for the upcoming school year. We won’t be able to use those facilities for the next few Sundays.

So what’s a church plant to do? 

We want to make the most out of these next few weekends and view them as opportunities – not obstacles – in advancing the Kingdom of God in our community. We want to do things we wouldn’t normally do. We want to leverage these opportunities to be about things that we value and find important. So, here’s what the next two Sunday look like for Rising Church:

Sunday, August 21 – #loveLeesburg Sunday
We will meet in the parking lot of the recreation center where we normal gather for worship services and instead of staying for worship we will be going to serve. We have identified 3 different service projects that we will be sending our congregation out to participate in:

  1. making visits to residence of a local nursing home
  2. setting up 2 water/banana/prayer stations on the W&OD bike trail
  3. trash pickup and prayer minister in a local, underprivileged neighborhood

Sunday, August 28 – End of Summer Church Picnic
As our busy season of summertime ministry comes to an end we want to take time to celebrate all that God has done in our midst. We have rented a picnic shelter next to the recreation center we normally meet in for worship from 3pm-9pm. We will take time that afternoon and evening to share stories of what God has done, play games and hang out with each other, and share a meal together.

One of the many lessons that I have learned about church planting over the past 2 1/2 years is that normal isn’t a normal occurrence. But God still works in the abnormal and maybe even sometimes He prefers it that way. We don’t always know what things will look like or how they will play out but so long as we keep God and His glory at the center of all that we desire to be and do as a church plant we can believe Him for amazing things.

Here’s to doing things a little differently for the next few weeks of church planting.

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