I have an alarm set on my phone everyday at 10:02am. Random, right? Well, not so much. This is a daily prayer reminder to pray as Jesus instructed His disciples in Luke 10:2

Luke 102

I have had that alarm set on my phone for the better part of a year, if not a little longer. As a church planter, it’s a great reminder to pray as I seek to join God in the building and growing of Rising Church and lead others to do the same. However, there are definitely days in which the alarm goes off and I simply dismiss it with little more than a, “Please, bless our church plant.”

Today was not one of those days. In fact, it was quite to the contrary. It may have had a lot to do with the fact that I have been reflecting on 2015 and dreaming ahead for 2016. One of my prayers has been that God would grow our church plant to see more people reached with the Gospel, that His church would be edified, and that He would be glorified. In the midst of all of these thoughts swirling in my head Luke 10:2 struck me like a profound and new insight into the mind of Christ. The problem isn’t with the lost responding to (or not responding to) the Gospel. Jesus declares that “The harvest in plentiful.” The problem is with the quantity and availability of workers.

You see, the Church isn’t at a loss of lost people that need to be saved – and according to Jesus Christ we aren’t at a loss for the harvest that is readily available to us either. What the church is at a loss of is laborers.

To put it bluntly and in my own words – there aren’t enough saved people interested in saving people. 

I have a lot of prayers for 2016…a lot. I’m believing God for BIG things this next year. I’m actually looking forward to December 31, 2016 and sizing up my prayers for the year and how God responds to them. One thing is becoming abundantly clear to me as I make petitions for Rising Church and reaching the lost in Leesburg, Loudoun County, Virginia and beyond: as much as I pray for the lost to come to know Christ I will more emphatically and passionately pray this year for laborers to be sent into the harvest with us! Fruit is ripe for the picking, we simply need more hands doing the work.

Allow me to offer a simple challenge to you for 2016. Set your phone alarm for 10:02am and join me and so many others in praying daily for God to send laborers into the harvest. Let’s believe God for a great awakening and revival in 2016!

2 thoughts on “There aren’t enough saved people interested in saving people…

  1. This is a great reminder and exhortation, Jason. I would add to it the fact that as we each pray that prayer for the Lord to send harvesters, we each would be ready and quick to be an answer to that prayer to be harvesters ourselves. I know that I have had that same alarm on my iPod for years in the past but, like you, eventually became desensitized to it amidst the busyness of life. I pray for a fresh passion and urgency for sharing the life changing and life saving loving truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ with those who are lost and broken around me. May The Lord of the Harvest pour out His Spirit of revival and let it begin with me!

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