This church planting adventure has been an amazing ride over the past few months! This past Sunday was our 6th weekly worship service and gathering of Rising Church and God has been faithful – every single week – to bring first time visitors to worship with us. He is doing things that only He can do.

This coming Sunday has the potential to be a catalytic moment in the short history of our church plant. Let me give a little context and the reasons for my optimism and anticipation.

Jesus Is TitleOur first sermon series has been a journey through the Gospel of John looking at some of the highlights of the life and ministry of Jesus. The point of this series has been at least two-fold: to introduce lost and new-believers to the life of Jesus and to inform us – as a young church – the things that were important to Jesus so we can know the things that should be important to us as we minister to our community. To date we have seen and learned that Jesus:

  • Reveals
  • Loves
  • Includes
  • Heals
  • Feeds
  • Divides
  • Forgives

This Sunday we are looking at John 13 and I am preaching that Jesus Serves. The reason I am so excited for this weekend is that is will be the prelude to our #loveLeesburg weekend. We are going to take this sermon – Jesus Serves – and immediately put it into action the next weekend through 2 opportunities:

  1. Back to School Block Party, Saturday, August 22nd. We are hosting a block party and providing backpacks and school supplies for at least 100 elementary and middle school students. We will be providing food, games, moon bounces, music and more! (I blogged about this a few days ago)
  2. Serve Day, Sunday, August 23rd. Instead of gathering together for our weekly worship service we are scattering together in our community to participate in various service projects for our city and community. (I will be blogging about this as we get closer to it)

#loveLeesburg is our last major initiative of the summer to make a lasting impact on our city. It will be a great climax to our first real public ministry season as a church plant which has been the summer of 2015. There are several exciting things on the horizon for this next school year, but this is the crescendo of our summer ministry.

That’s why this Sunday has the potential to be so catalytic! What God does this week to prepare our hearts and mind through prayer, corporate worship, and the teaching of His Word on Sunday, August 16, will have a significant impact and building of momentum as we lean into #loveLeesburg on August 22 & 23.

Join us this Sunday for worship!

Join God in what He is doing in and through us as we minister to Leesburg.

Will you join the Rising?

Be blessed,

Jason signature small

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