As we prepare to launch our weekly worship services this summer, I put together a 4-page document that I am calling our church plant’s Launch Packet. It outlines specific prayer needs for our launch season, 2 unique serving opportunities we are hosting all throughout the summer, as well as projects/initiatives that need financial underwriting. I will be sharing 1 page for our Launch Packet each day for the next 4 days. Thanks for journeying with us as we plant Rising Church in Leesburg, VA!

Email Jason at jason@therising.cc if you would like to receive the Launch Packet in its entirety.


Financial Support 

As we move into our second year of church planting in Leesburg there are new and additional costs of doing ministry. We are continuing to seek churches and individuals who will support us on a regular basis, but there are several projects that need funding this summer that will enable us to have the God-sized impact we want to have on our community.

Weekly Rent for Worship Space – $585.00 / week

The local movie theater quoted us $1,000 per Sunday and the rate set by the Loudoun County Public Schools came in at about $850 a week. Needless to say we were grateful to learn that we could rent the Ida Lee Recreation Center for $585 a week. We are looking for 5 churches – or individuals – who will partner with us for our second year of ministry at $585 a month to help us cover our weekly rent for worship services.

2000 9” Flyers (Frisbees) – $2,365.50

Our biggest outreach initiative this summer is July 4th. We are distributing 2000 flying discs at Leesburg’s 4th of July festival the day before we launch our weekly worship services. This year is the 25th anniversary of the festival in Leesburg and they are anticipating over 10,000 attendees.

Website Hosting & Development – $1,500.00

We have been grateful to have a free website and hosting provided by Lifeway for our first 12 months as a church plant. As we point more and more people to our website we need to get our permanent and polished home on the web designed and built.

Door Hangers – $167.91 / 1000 units

We want to canvas as many neighborhoods in Leesburg as possible this summer with the help of several 1-day and short-term mission teams. We can get 1000 door hangers printed and shipped to us for only $167.91.

Various Banners – $165.00-$382.25 each

Now that we will be meeting weekly for our worship services we need to get signs and banners printed that let people know who we are and where we are meeting. We want several outdoor signs printed to point people in our direction as well as indoor banners to transform our meeting space from a rec center banquet hall into our church plant’s worship center. Here are a few examples of the signs and their costs:

Table Top Banner Stands – $165.00 each

Retractable Banner Stands – $382.25 each

Plastic Yard Signs – $166.21 each pair

Email Jason at jason@therising.cc if you would like more information regarding how you can financially support Rising Church.

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