1st worship service

We hosted our 1st worship service as a church plant this past Sunday!

It was pretty exciting to finally be at the moment of gathering together for worship. We moved back to the area last June and have been hosting a small group in our home since August. Our group of 9 (+3 children) has served together in the past 9 months as well. But there was something special and God-honoring by gathering together to worship through song, prayer, teaching, communion, and proclaiming the Gospel. Here are some of the things God has impressed upon me as I have reflected and thanked Him for our first worship service this past Sunday.

  1. God is faithful! He brought us to our first worship gathering. He orchestrated the entire afternoon and evening and continues to do an incredible work in our lives, the life of our church plant, and in the lives of those who participated with us.
  2. God has greater plans than we do. When we set out a month ago with plans to worship together the goal was to create an opportunity for the 8 of us to worship together. God began to draw people to our service and there were 22 of us plus 5 children.
  3. We have an amazing team! God has assembled a core team that we are excited to be planting Rising Church with. Everyone on our team served in some capacity during our worship service and/or the cookout we hosted at our home afterwards.
  4. We have friends who support us! Several friends joined us for our worship service and supported us by being there to encourage and help build momentum.
  5. The weather cooperated (thank You Jesus!). This was a big deal for us as we found out the week leading up to our worship service that we weren’t going to be able to use any of the other rooms in the community center for childcare and KidsMin. It was mid-60’s and sunny and the kids had a blast with our team serving in KidsMin.
  6. I got a glimpse of the type of church God is building us to be. We were aged from young teenagers to young 70’s. We were caucasian, african-american, asian and hispanic. We were believers and unbelievers. It was a beautiful snap shot of the Church God desires all of us to be.
  7. This is only the “beginning.” We’ve been planting this church for almost a year, but there is something foundational about worshiping together. This worship service was one of those powerful “firsts” for our church plant just like the first time we gathered for Bible study in our home and the first time we served in our community together. It’s exciting to dream about and look forward to a few more monthly worship services and then meeting weekly this summer.
  8. We have a long way to go. As many people have told me regarding church planting, “it’s a marathon, not a sprint.” There is still a great deal ahead of us and I’m excited for the journey. There are countless lives to be transformed by the Gospel, disciples to be made, leaders to be trained and sent out, and other churches for us to plant.

It was an amazing Sunday – one that I will cherish and remember for the rest of my life. After worshiping God together we headed back to our home for a cookout and time of fellowship in which relationships were deepened and Gospel conversations were continued. We are thankful to God for the amazing day that Sunday, April 26th, was for us and we are thankful for the many more that He has in store for us!

1st worship gathering cookout - small

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