Behringer digital mixer

This week’s feature from our Amazon Wish List is by far the most expensive piece of equipment that we are hoping to acquire for our Worship Arts Ministry. This sound board will be used for both our worship/vision casting evenings leading up to our launch as well as our weekly worship services. We are also hoping to use it for various outreach events that we would like to do once we get launched. This is a highly valuable piece of equipment that will allow us to execute these events, and will play a significant role in executing our weekly worship services.

I’ll be honest, asking for financial support and donations, especially something like this of a higher dollar amount, doesn’t come naturally to me. Even though this is an item I very much would love to get for our church plant it can be a little awkward to make a request for something that costs this much. But as we asked around and sought the advice of people who have a far greater knowledge in the realm of A/V equipment, they encouraged us to get this specific board as it will do everything we will need a sound board to do for our church plant and it will last several years so we won’t have to worry about making an additional investment in another sound board a year or two down the road. It has been put simply to us, “You get what you pay for,” in the area of technology, electronics, and worship arts. I know it is a big ask, but it will allow us to do some pretty amazing things.

Would you be willing to purchase and donate this digital sound board to our church plant? If yes, CLICK HERE to go to our Amazon Wish List and select the Behringer Digital Mixer 32.

Do you know someone else, or even a church, that might be willing to make this investment in our church plant? Please send a link to this blog and/or our Amazon Wish List to them.

CLICK HERE to view all of the items on our Amazon Wish List!

Prefer to make a financial contribution to the Rising Church? You can DONATE ONLINE HERE.

All financial and gift-in-kind donations to The Rising Church are tax deductible and will be receipted.

Thank you for your support, consideration, and donations to the Rising Church!

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