God has given me a burden to pray for 24/7 space for our church plant. I know. It sounds crazy. We haven’t even launched our weekly worship service yet. We have already been given approval to meet in a local elementary school. But over the past week God has placed a burden on my heart to pray for and pursue 24/7 meeting space.

It feels like more than just a whim or idea to run down. There is something about praying for and pursuing 24/7 space that feels like it came from God, and not just something I cooked up in my mind.

There are several reasons that finding 24/7 space would be more beneficial than renting space just for Sunday mornings:

  • we wouldn’t be restricted with our programming to only Sunday mornings
  • we wouldn’t have to purchase the extra equipment required to be a mobile church (trailer, cases, etc.)
  • we would be able to host ESL classes which is a way that we can truly reach every people group in NOVA
  • we would be able to explore options of after school programs for students
  • we would be able to focus our time, energy and people on other initiatives as opposed to setup and tear down

So, what type of space are we looking for?

  • space large enough to hold our weekly worship services (3,000 – 4,000 sq feet)
  • a place where our KidsMin would be able to meet
  • space that is versatile enough to be used for things like ESL classes, after school programs, and maybe an office or 2.


That’s what we are praying for. We would appreciate your prayers with us and for us as we pursue 24/7 space. If you aren’t receiving our monthly prayer updates, please sign up to receive that by CLICKING HERE.

Do you know of any space in Leesburg that is for rent/lease that would meet our needs? Do you know someone who might be able to point us in the right direction to find space here?

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