Yamaha speakers

PRAISE GOD – THIS ITEM HAS ALREADY BEEN PURCHASED FROM OUR WISHLIST! To see what other items are still needed for our church plant please check out our Amazon Wish List by CLICKING HERE. Thanks!

We are less than 100 days away from launching our public worship services. Some days, Sunday, March 15, can’t get here fast enough. Other days, Sunday, March 15, is getting here faster than I care to admit. One thing is for sure, Sunday, March 15, is coming.

One of the most pressing needs we have as a church plant is a PA system so we can amplify our worship services in the school gymnasium that we will be meeting in. We actually need this particular piece of equipment by the start of the new calendar year as we are planning to host 2-3 worship and vision casting nights at the school to build momentum and get people excited about our launch in March. We are planning to do at least 1 of these nights in January, February, and potentially early March. If we are able to get a pair of these Yamaha speakers by the start of the year it will allow us to execute these worship/vision casting nights, as well as our weekly worship services, at a higher quality and with greater efficiency.

By God’s grace and generosity, someone has already donated 1 of them! Would you be willing donate the other Yamaha Speaker to our church plant? If yes, CLICK HERE and select the Yamaha DXR12 PA Package from our Wish List.

Do you know someone else, or even a church, that might be willing to make this investment in our church plant? Please send a link to this blog and/or our Amazon Wish List to them.

CLICK HERE to view all of the items on our Amazon Wish List!

Prefer to make a financial contribution to the Rising Church? You can DONATE ONLINE HERE.

All financial and gift-in-kind donations to The Rising Church are tax deductible and will be receipted.

Thank you for your support, consideration, and donations to the Rising Church!

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