wishlistGod has given us a God-sized vision for some things that He wants us to accomplish during this pre-launch season of our church plant that we are very excited about. We are currently working on 2 significant projects that will help promote our church plant and build momentum towards our launch in March of 2015.

Worship & Teaching Vlogs

Neva and I want to post several video-blogs during the next 4 1/2 months to introduce people to who we are and what The Rising Church is all about.

  • Neva will record and upload a worship vlog (at least once a month) featuring a worship song and an explanation or story as to why that song is meaningful or significant to us.
  • I will begin uploading 7-10 minute teaching/devotional vlogs (at least every-other-week) to highlight the mission, vision, and core values of our church plant.

Our prayer and hope is that these worship and teaching vlogs will promote our church plant and allow people to experience who we are, what we’re about, our heart for worship, our theology/doctrine, and my teaching style, before they ever set foot in our worship service.

Worship/Vision Casting Nights

We are going to be hosting Worship/Vision Casting nights to help build momentum this winter as well. Once we secure the venue we are planning to meet in on Sunday mornings we will schedule 2-3 of these events for the winter. The goal will be to draw people in and get them excited about the mission and vision of The Rising Church. We will also spend time worshiping and praying together. The format will be very similar to what people will experience during our weekly worship services. Our hope is that these events will help us get more people to: PRAY for our church plant, PROVIDE through financial support, PARTICIPATE by getting involved in our small groups and/or to be part of our Launch Team.

Our Wish List

As you can tell, these 2 projects are central to our pre-launch strategy. We believe God is going to use them to build momentum for our church plant over the next several months to reach more and more people with the Gospel and provide them with opportunities to get involved with The Rising Church. In order to get these projects underway we need to acquire several different pieces of equipment. We are asking that you prayerfully consider how you might be able to bless our church plant by providing any of the items you find on our Wish List. CLICK HERE to go to Amazon.com and view our WISH LIST.

We want to launch as strong as we can at our first worship service in order to reach as many people as possible with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! These Worship & Teaching vlogs and Worship/Vision Casting Nights will be central in doing just that! By providing our church plant with any of the items found on our Wish List you will be equipping us with the resources we need to make these projects happen. The great thing about your investment is that this equipment will not only be used for these projects, but all of these items will be used in making our Sunday morning worship services happen as well.

Thank you for your prayers, support and contribution!

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