I woke up this morning thinking it had been a while since I had blogged about church planting so I have been contemplating what to write, certainly not wanting to waste your time nor mine. 🙂 As I have thought about topics to write about today God began doing things that only He can do and without any other explanation than God is moving in our church plant it became evident to me what I needed to post about – what God has been doing!

Today, specifically, has been a really cool day in which God has been moving.

  1. in front of schoolI had a very encouraging meeting with the vice principal of the school we are hoping to meet in starting this spring when we launch our public worship services. I’m getting paperwork turned it this afternoon and will hopefully get confirmation very soon.
  2. One of our financial supporters completely unexpectedly gave above and beyond their monthly pledge this month. I cannot tell you how much an encouragement it is to receive a surprise gift like that and I am extremely humbled by how God continues to provide for our church plant through His Church! If you’re interested in making a financial gift to The Rising Church CLICK HERE!
  3. I received an email today from someone who lives in our neighborhood about joining our small group. We first encountered this neighbor in July when we had a short-term mission team of middle school and high school girls from NC. They conducted a door-to-door survey in our neighborhood and this neighbor expressed an interest in joining a small group. I sent a follow-up email in early August and just received an email today (Oct 14) asking if it was too late to join a small group.

God has also been at work over the past few weeks.

  1. God has grown our small group from 8 adults to 14 adults over the past 2 months and we are now at the point in time that we need to branch and create a second small group. Starting Sunday, November 2nd, we will have a second small group meeting in our home.
  2. Our small group/church plant took up an offering for Vision Virginia – a week that focuses on church planting and other ministries of the SBC of Virginia. I cannot express how much it excites me to know that our church plant, just a few months old, was able to financial support the SBC of Virginia in their/our efforts to continue to plant additional churches in Virginia.
  3. A couple recently reached out to us through our website as they are praying about getting connected and serving a church plant in the season of life they find themselves in. What a blessing this would be! Just the fact that someone sought us out through our website desiring to be a part of a new work that God is doing is phenomenal!

God is doing some amazing things and I am totally blown away that He has called us to be a part of what He is doing! Thank you for your continued prayers and support! If you would like to join God in what He is doing here in Leesburg, VA through The Rising Church click on one or all of the links below:

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