1st small groupLast Friday was our first small group gathering of The Rising Church! It was our first expression of ourselves as a local body of believers. It was A-MA-ZING!

When we first moved back to NOVA we were planning on starting our first small group once the school year started in September. We were thinking this would allow us some time build relationships and get people involved. Well, God was at work in His timing (not ours) and in this instance we were behind His schedule. As we get settled in and began to reconnect with some old friends and make new friends God had been preparing their hearts to be a part of our church plant. As a result, 9 of us gathered together in our home last week plus 3 children – a month earlier than I thought would be feasible/possible.

We started our evening at 6:30pm with dinner. We then transitioned to our time of Bible study. We are using a Bible storying format and we are going through the book of Acts. I thought it might be good to spend time in this book that chronicles the formation of the first century churches as we begin to form our church plant. Neva and Zach then led us in a few songs of worship and we closed by taking prayer requests and praying. We actually prayed probably 1/2 dozen times through the course of the evening which I love because I want our church to be a people of prayer. We finished up with dessert and coffee and wrapped up at 9:30pm.

Please pray for our small group ministry over the next 6 months as God continues to bring us more and more people and prepares all of us for our public launch in the Spring of 2015. Be sure to LIKE our Facebook page and check out photos from our small group gatherings.

If your interested in learning more about our small group ministry or you’re interested in joining us, please fill out this contact form and I will follow up with you.

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