Other than aging myself, which I’m not all that excited about doing since I’ve learned that being in your mid-30s in Student Ministry is considered “old” by most of my peers (sorry for those of you in your 40s and 50s), I’m rather excited about taking my son on his first Student Ministry trip. I can’t believe that my oldest son will be going into Middle School next year and as a 6th grader he and his classmates are invited to join the Student Ministry on their first trip. Here are a few of the reasons that I am totally excited about this experience:

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His first Student Ministry experience will be with Dare 2 Share. It would have been fun if my son’s first StuMin experience would have been an all-nighter, camp, ski trip, etc. However, it will be life-changing and transformational since it is a Dare 2 Share conference. There aren’t many organizations that I can say that about, but with Dare 2 Share I know the weekend experience will grow him in his faith, equip him to be able to communicate the Gospel, give him the opportunity to share his faith within the conference experience, and challenge him to apply what he learns immediately upon returning home and to school the following week. Dare 2 Share is amazing and I know it will deliver!

Additionally, my son is entering in to the ministry that I have been called to. I have been excited for a few years now for my son to be in Student Ministry with me. But something significant dawned on me this week as I faced this immediate reality. He, as someone very significant in my life, will now get to share in something that is significant in my life as well: Student Ministry. Obviously, as his father, I take seriously my responsibility to raise him up in his faith. Being his parent is far more important to me than being his Pastor. But to get to be both is going to be more special than I realized.

As you can see, because of who I am to my son (father…and pastor) and because of what his first event with Student Ministry is going to be, you can see why I am so excited for this powerful weekend.

Giddy like a Middle School Girl,

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