Holy! Holy! Holy!I had an amazing opportunity to preach in “BIG Church” this past fall. As an added bonus to this opportunity, it was not part of a teaching series that I was jumping into so I got to select my text and create my outline from scratch. Thankfully, I got some great insights from both our Lead Pastor and Teaching Pastor as I prepared for the sermon. I preached on Isaiah 6:1-8 and called the sermon, “Holy! Holy! Holy!” You can check it out on our church website.

I wanted to highlight this sermon as an example of a slightly different than normal Gospel segue. What I have found is the most common time/place to segue into a Gospel presentation is at the end of the sermon. However, in this particular instance, segueing into the Gospel happened in the midst of the sermon.

Isaiah 6:1-8 is a great passage to outline into 4 parts as Isaiah’s encounter with the presence of God is a microcosm or snapshot of the entire meta-narrative of scripture (Creation, Fall, Redemption, Consummation).

  • Isaiah encounters our Holy! Holy! Holy! God Who is the end-all, be-all creator of the universe (Creation).
  • In light of his encountering God, he realizes the depths of the sin in his own life (Fall).
  • As a result of his confession he receives forgiveness from God via the burning coal from the alter (Redemption). Insert Gospel segue and presentation here, point 3 out of 4 in the sermon outline. The segue is a rather easy one as Isaiah is experiencing the forgiveness of his specific sin which lends itself quite easily to how Christ’s sacrifice offers forgiveness for everyone through His shed blood on the cross and resurrection. The cleansing from the burning coal is an amazing foreshadow of the forgiveness we receive from the cross.
  • Isaiah then responds in obedience to God’s call to live a life on mission (Consummation).

Listen to the sermon and download the teaching outline. I hope this has been a helpful example of how you can insert your presentation of the Gospel in the midst of a sermon, where it can fit naturally, as opposed to preaching all the way through the text and then circling back around to closing with the Gospel. Either way would have worked with this text, but I think bringing it up in the midst of the sermon was a better way to make the most of the moment.

2 thoughts on “Gospel Segue: Isaiah 6:1-8

  1. The apostles Peter and Jude warned of false teachers who secretly will infiltrate churches and bring in teachings that are going to undermine the faith of many people, causing them to lose their souls. This sermon examines these things and identifies the telltale signs of these deceivers.

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