top 10Here is another blog from Tim Schmoyer’s list of  100 Blog Topics I Hope You Write. This one is a list of 10 Youth Ministry Site I Like and Why. I have broken down my list of Top 10 into 4 separate categories, and for the most part, they are in order.

The BEST of the BEST!!! Couldn’t do Student Ministry without it.

1) Dare 2 Share – Takes the first spot on this list for a few reasons. I’ve been using it longer than any other Student Ministry website (10 years, in it 4th or 5th revision). I worked there. No other website lines up so closely with my philosophy of Youth Ministry so I am able to use EVERYTHING they post.


2) The Parent Link – Probably the single most valuable website and resource when it comes to maintain communication and relationships with parents of teenagers. I’ve known about it for a while, been using it for 4-5 months, and cannot explain the positive impact it has had on our Student Ministry and our interaction with parents.

3) Center for Parent/Youth Understanding – Another great resource when it comes to the relationship of Youth Pastor and parents. I have probably been using this website the 2nd longest (only to Dare 2 Share).  The truth is, I hope our parents use this website more than I do. Great resources, articles, tips & tricks for parents raising teens.

4) Sticky Faith – Rounds out the parenting category. I love the research they have done regarding raising students who will stay with their faith passed high school and college. If you haven’t read the book of the same title (Sticky Faith) you need to add it to your must read list.

At Large Youth Ministry Resources

5) Simply Youth Ministry – Another amazing site when it comes to most usable resources. They also give away a ton of stuff throughout the year. Between Simply and Dare 2 Share you would be hard pressed to find other ministries or organizations that love Youth Leaders as much as these 2 picks.

6) Life in Student Ministry – Shout out to my friend Tim Schmoyer who has been doing Student Ministry websites ever since Al Gore invented the internet. 🙂 Probably ranks 3rd when it comes to how long I have personally used this website in Student Ministry. Super practical, very down to earth, and from someone who has been doing Student Ministry. Amazing resources, solid articles, fun videos, and you gotta love the Friday Freebies!

7) Stuff You Can Use – This is the most recent addition to my top 10 Youth Ministry sites. Another collaboration type site that provides very practical resources for Youth Pastor that have been created by others who have used them in ministry settings. Everything offered has been tested and used. Most of the resources are free, but everything is under $10. Best part, anyone can submit a resource. It’s not exclusive.

Youth Ministry Blogs

8) YouthMinistry.com – I love the community of blogs/articles! This website offers loads of resources and articles and helps for those of us in Youth Ministry. Definitely worth checking out at least once a week as they keep the site fresh and up to date. I love the fact that this website is the voice for hundreds of Youth Leaders to share their thoughts, ideas, and hearts for doing Student Ministry.

9) YM Tech Stuff – No lie, this might be my favorite Youth Ministry blog as it combines 2 of my passions: Youth Ministry and technology. Brandon Early does a great job sharing cool BSOs (bright shiny objects), techy tips, great deals that are out there, and how to use them in Student Ministry.

10) Relational & Relentless – Definitely my homer pick of the list as I am a contributor at the R&R blog hosted by Dare 2 Share. BUT, I love reading the articles that the other contributors post as this is a community, mostly of Youth Leaders, because they have a similar philosophy of Student Ministry and similar passions that I do when it comes to training and equipping teens. This community has only been around for about 18 months but offers great encouragement and practical ideas when it comes to doing Student Ministry.

What Are Your Favorite Youth Ministry Sites?

Take a minute and drop at least one of your favorite Youth Ministry websites in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Ten Youth Ministry Sites I Like and Why

  1. (6) Forgetting about strategic and intentional evangelism – I think we have forgotten how to evangelize. Look at the book of Acts – evangelism was the central focus. When people get saved not only do the numbers increase, but so does the excitement for what God is doing. Those involved in leading others to Christ are strengthened and empowered. So let’s make sure that youth ministries are out there bringing the Kingdom of God. Greg Stier argues, in chapter 10 of the GreenHouse Project , that youth ministries need to make evangelism their #1 priority. He also argues that many need to revampt their methods for evangelizing. You are not making evangelism a priority unless you are doing it relentlessly and consistently in your ministry. Honestly strong evangelism efforts will definitely 1) get your students focused on how to love others outside of their youth group bubble and 2) growth your youth group.

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