small celtic crossOne of my passions and guiding principles in Student Ministry is giving the Gospel every week as part of our large group time. Currently, we have a weekly worship service for teenagers on Sunday mornings for 7th-12th graders. Every week that I teach I make it a point to incorporate the Gospel into my message. More often than not, it is the culmination of my teaching time. However, there have been occasions where I start with the Gospel or I intertwine it somewhere in the midst of my teaching. It’s never a question of “IF” it will occur, it’s just a matter of “WHEN.”

As a result of implementing this principle for several years in Student Ministry I am starting to get to a place where including the Gospel in my teaching is a pretty seamless. There are still weeks that I stumble through it but it would feel more awkward to avoid it than not. That said, I’ve decide to create a new fixture to my blog. One that will hopefully become the driving force behind it. Every week that I teach I will walk through how I incorporate the Gospel into my lesson. I will also include examples of Gospel segues I’ve used in the past. Along the way I will take time to explain some of the principles that go into creating those segues.

This’ll be fun. It’s something I love doing when I teach and if it can help others who are trying to do the same thing by sharing what I’m doing and how I’m doing it then that’s awesome!

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