We kicked off another ministry year in Student Ministry spending 3 weeks in our first teaching series of the year, “unidentified: you’ve been created for more…” It has been fantastic meeting weekly again after taking some time off over the summer from meeting every week. Personally, I have missed the time of connection with our students and teaching God’s truth to them from His word on a regular basis. Here is a quick overview of our first 3 weeks back together:

Week 1: We talked about our identity as a Student Ministry introducing the teens to our mission statement, “building up students to reach out to students.” We connected the dots back to GFC’s mission statement, “glorifying God by joining Him in building a community to reach a community,” which ultimate gets its roots from Matthew 28:18-20.

Weeks 2: 2 Corinthians 5 provided the foundation for the next 2 sermons in this teaching series. We took a look at the first 10 verses of this chapter and learned how this life and our current bodies are only temporary. We need to look to God for an eternal perspective on life and understand that our identity comes from who He has created us to be and not who the world tells us to be.

Week 3: We then navigated the last 11 verses of this chapter in our third and final week and came to understand that we are new creations in Christ. He reconciled us to God through his death and resurrection and we are called to join him in the task and ministry of reconciling others to Him. We will identify with God on a deeper and richer level if we point others to their identity in Jesus Christ!

We have a special Epic planned for Sunday, September 9, and then we will launch our second teaching series of the year on Sunday, September 16.

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