I have been doing some research lately looking for resources that will strengthen our Student Ministry’s relationship with parents of teenagers. This is actually one of our top priorities for this upcoming ministry year. I have been looking for anything that would improve communication, something that would be a perceived value to parents, a tool that would practically live out our desire to come alongside parents and help in anyway that we can, etc. I was open to using multiple resources if that’s what it would take and willing to spend whatever funds necessary. This priority is that important to our ministry!

I was BLOWN AWAY to find the answers to those questions in one resource: the Parent Link

The Parent Link is a monthly publication provided by our Youth Ministry friends at Group Publishing. The resource comes in a Word.doc or Publisher.pub format and is 100% editable: content, graphics, color scheme, etc. The content they provide is spot on for parents, very well done and written by people who know what they are talking about. It even includes a monthly calendar for you to put your ministry events on. Since it is an editable document, you can include any additional information or articles you would like.

Beyond what it includes, it is extremely easy to distribute. You can send it as an email, print it for mail distribution, and upload it to your ministry website. All of these options make it extremely available to parents.

Like I mentioned before, I was willing to pay whatever I would need to for a resource that would improve our ministry to the parents of teenagers here at Grace Fellowship and was amazed to learn that an annual subscription is only $79.99…or less than $7 per monthly issue. You can’t afford to not utilize this resource in your Student Ministry. (they also offer a Children’s Edition and offer bundled pricing if you want both resources!)

You can see a previous issue of the Parent Link by CLICKING HERE or  sign up for your FREE TRIAL!

What are some other resources you use as you parent with parents of teenagers in your church?

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