One of the things we’re trying to be more consistent with in our Student Ministry is getting teens involved, on stage, with our Student Ministry worship service. One of our junior girls is an excellent public communicator and has a talent for writing poetry. So this past week we studied John 10 and Jesus’ “I AM…” statement: “I am the Gate.” She wrote an original poem based on John 10:1-10.

“I am the Gate”

The world shoves us down paths, dead-end roads, and into corners.

Constant decisions,

Whirlpool of confusion-

A thief- stealing breath,



A wonder we do not drown-

Traveling further and further into the mazes, open one door then on to another,

Gate after gate, turn after turn

until we’re buried and left peering into the windows of life.

But where does that get us..

See while we are running, trying so hard to find what’s best, what the universe says is right,

Our savior is pursuing us- calling us into, not gates, but THE GATE

Arms stretched out saying I AM the WAY.

Saying come to me all who are broken and weary,

And I will give you rest..

Salvation…  Life.

A life that you can live to the fullest.

So, when are we going to stop running, and live it?

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