A little over a year ago Greg Stier did a chapel series for the Dare 2 Share staff on Nehemiah, specifically the leadership principles we can learn from Nehemiah. The book has been in the back of my mind since then to read and “marinate” on so I recently took time to dive in and soak it all in.  While I’m wrestling through the text and applying it to my life and ministry let me share 3 quick thoughts I’ve learned from Nehemiah over the past week or so:

1) You have to have a vision and burden for what God is calling you to do (Nehemiah 1). Nehemiah was burdened for Jerusalem and rebuilding the wall (Neh 1:4). Nehemiah was moved emotionally for the task he was called to do.

2) Interestingly enough, even though Nehemiah had a heavy heart and clearly had seen what he was called to do, he was patient as he approached the task. He didn’t dive right in to rebuilding the wall when he got to Jerusalem, he walked the city and observed (Neh 2:11-15).

3) Even though he alone had received the vision and calling, Nehemiah knew he couldn’t go it alone (Neh 3). At first, as I read this chapter, I was bored with laundry list of people and tasks and was quickly reminded of those geneology passages of scripture where someone begat someone who begat someone…But then it hit me, in this case, the list of names and specific tasks was critical. Nehemiah needed a team significantly bigger than himself to accomplish the task at hand.

I’m grateful to God for His Word, what He chooses to reveal to us, and when He chooses to do so. There is great power and wisdom in the book of Nehemiah.

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