Well, it’s finally here. A weekend that is several months in the making and had to get rescheduled due to my concussion back in January. We have a Youth Ministry Strategist/Coach/Consultant coming in this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited and stressed and nervous all at once!

We have two primary objectives we are wanting to tackle this weekend:

  1. ALIGNMENT of our Student Ministry within the overall life of our church. Basically, is what we’re doing in Student Ministry helping us accomplish our church’s mission statement and are the things we doing moving in the same direction as our church.
  2. SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT of teenagers from 7th-12th grades. We want to start with the end in mind so that everything we do from 7th – 12th grade is contributing to the end goal we are trying to accomplish with each student. This will hopefully make all of our programming, trip, events, and curriculum questions very easy to answer in the sense that if those things aren’t helping us accomplish the end goal in the lives of these teenagers, then why would we even bother doing them?

This is big picture stuff…stuff that I love to frame and put in place and then execute for years to come. I’m excited at the potential of our Student Ministry and even more excited for that potential to be realized and lived out. This weekend marks one of the first and most critical steps in this process.

More to come…

2 thoughts on “Youth Ministry Strategy Weekend

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