In anticipation of going through Dare 2 Share‘s Gospel Journey Maui this summer, we took the opportunity to do a “test run” this past Sunday as it was the last day of Spring Break for our students. We did the, “Is it religion or relationship?” episode of the curriculum (episode 5 of 9).

In order to build a little excitement around doing something completely out of the ordinary on a Sunday morning with our teens (ORDINARY = worship set, teaching, games, announcements) we leaned into the idea of a Hawaiian theme for the morning. Instead of our normal theater style seating for the morning we brought in round tables to cater to the discussion time. Here is a quick run through of what we did for our Gospel Journey Maui Sunday.

  • As kids were coming in that morning we had a limbo contest going on prior to our program time starting.
  • We then opened with a 90 second trailer of Gospel Journey Maui.
  • After the trailer we awarded our limbo winner with a box of Starbursts and Skittles.
  • Next was our hula-hoop competition that lasted all of 3 seconds. The winner received a box of Almond Joy candy bars.
  • I then explained the idea of Gospel Journey Maui and our potential plans for the summer.
  • We rolled tape (32 minutes).
  • Everyone engaged in small group discussions around tables for about 20 minutes (some small groups naturally sat together but for the most part each table was rather eclectic).
  • We then concluded our time with fan voting for the best dressed Hawaiian themed outfit. The student won a box of tropical Skittles.

It was a fun morning and a great way to preview our potential summer plans. This was fairly strategic as I wanted to gauge response from students since the format is so out of the ordinary from what they are used to. They probably didn’t warm up to the cast of GJM since we jumped in mid stream of the curriculum, however when we do it over the summer and repeat this episode the dynamic will be that much different because they will have grown with the cast and progressed through the curriculum as well. I’m going to put some questions out on our Facebook page to receive student feedback before we actually make a final decision on the summer.

3 thoughts on “Gospel Journey Maui Preview

  1. This is great, Jason. I am actually thinking of taking my group through Gospel Journey Maui this summer too. I was thinking it might be effective to go through it at more of a neutral location – a coffee shop or some other local place where students in and outside the faith feel comfortable.


    • neutral can be good, but there are a few things to keep in mind when picking your environment: 1) is it conducive to watching a 30 minute video and 2) can you have sensitive conversations in a setting where people will be willing to open up?

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