A few months ago I had posted that we would be embarking on a semester long series in the Grace Fellowship Student Ministry focused on the life of Christ. Well, after suffering a concussion and being out for roughly 6 weeks I’ve had to adapt and tweak the plan. We are moving forward with a very Jesus-centered series that will take us through the end of the semester, but we’re looking at 9 weeks of content instead of 15.

The focus for these next 9 weeks are the “I am,” statements that Jesus makes through the Gospel of John. For those of you who may be familiar with this subject, you know that there are traditionally 6 or 7 “I am,” statements depending on whether or not you group together Jesus’ statements, “I am the Gate,” and “I am the Good Shepherd” statements. I view them separately but some view them together as they are only separated by a few verses and are built out of the same illustration. That being said, we are going to focus on 9 “I am,” statements including Jesus’ proclamation in John 4, “I am the Messiah,” as well as His revolutionary statement, “I AM,” which occurs twice in John 8.

With this in mind, this is what the remainder of our semester looks like:

Feb 26 – “I am the Messiah” John 4:26

Mar 4 – “I am the Bread of Life” John 6:35

Mar 11 – OFF, Spring Break

Mar 18 – OFF, Spring Break

Mar 25 – “I am the Light of the World” John 8:12

Apr 1 – “I am the Way, the Truth, the Life” John 14:6

Apr 8 – OFF, Easter

Apr 15 – “I am the Resurrection and the Life” John 11:25

Apr 22 – “I am the Gate” John 10:7

Apr 29 – “I am the Good Shepherd” John 10:11

May 6 – Family Fun Fair (annual Student Ministry fundraiser)

May 13 – “I am the True Vine” John 15:1

May 20 – “I AM!” John 8:24, 58

May 27 – Celebration Sunday (Memorial Day weekend)

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