Here at Grace Fellowship Church I am having ongoing conversations with my boss as well as the Student Ministry Team dealing with the big picture of our ministry.  We’ve been working on establishing the role of our Student Ministry in the spiritual development of teenagers that we minister to (CLICK HERE to read a previous post I wrote on this topic).  As we continue to wade through that conversation we are also working on establishing our Student Ministry Purpose Statement/Mission Statement.  Here are the steps that we’ve taken on our journey thus far:

  1. Start with the church’s mission statement: “The mission is to join God in Building a Community in order to Reach a Community – in essence – building and reaching.”   As a ministry of Grace Fellowship Church I believe we must stay aligned with the overall mission of our church.
  2. Evaluate the mission statement.  This was a relatively easy process as I had evaluated Grace’s mission statement during my hiring process this past summer.  We simply evaluate it based on scripture and agreed it’s a very biblical statement, just about every church I’ve ever heard of has a biblically based statement.  But more than that our church’ is very Great Commission focused statement which is very important to me and every church, while biblical, may not be missionally focused in this way.
  3. Determine what needs to be reflected in our Student Ministry purpose statement.  The way our church’s mission statement reads actually made this step extremely easy: Building and Reaching.  We are leaning towards using different language, however the concepts will be central to our statement.
  4. Start by writing the statement around this central idea.  We started with “make disciples who make disciples” which reflects the Great Commission (THE Cause) and the idea of Building & Reaching.  As our team talked through this we realized that we are constantly talking about the Spiritual Development of our teens and that language is more of who we are at Grace.  We have morphed “Building & Reaching” to “make disciples who make disciples” to “spiritually develop teens who will spiritually reproduce themselves.”  The concept is the same in all 3 statements.
  5. Wordsmith.  This is where we find ourselves now and so far it has been the most difficult step to get through.  We actually go back and forth between all 3 options I just shared for our central idea. We are going to need to pick 1 sooner or later and then start building the statement around it.  We have toyed with several variations built around each of them.  Once we land the plane, I will be sure to share the outcome.

It would be of great benefit to me as we continue to work through this process to hear what your Youth Ministry Mission Statement or Purpose Statement is.  Would you mind taking 15 seconds and typing it in the COMMENTS below to share with me and other Youth Leaders who might benefit from your ideas? Thanks for joining us on this journey!

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