Each month of the 2011-2012 school year our church is highlighting a different local ministry that we partner with and items that they need donated.  For the month of October we are emphasizing our “We Love Mountain View!” initiative.  Mountain View is an underprivileged elementary school here in Johnson City that our church, Grace Fellowship, has adopted.  This school is primarily made up of students whose families live below the poverty level and live in subsidized housing.

One of the things we do as part of our “We Love Mountain View!” initiative is to collect food items to make meals for kids to take home over the weekends.  Without these take home lunches these students might not otherwise eat a meal once they leave school on Friday and return on Monday morning.

As a creative way to get our Student Ministry involved with this initiative we scheduled Mission & Movie night.  Admission into the event was at least one food item that needed to be donated to help make these lunches.  As a fun way to promote the event we had students vote on 1 of 3 movies (Soul Surfer, Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and Remember the Titans) and the Sunday morning of Mission & Movie night we announced the winner…Remember the Titans.

With it being our first M&M night we didn’t know what to expect but were pleasantly surprised when we had 110+ students show up donating more than 200 items for these lunches.  We had them put their donation front and center on stage so they could watch the pile of donations grow before we started the movie.  We had popcorn donated from a local theater, bought sodas, and of course the candy we provided was an assortment of M&M’s.

The evening was a huge success for several reasons.  First of all, students donated an amazing amount of food for the Mountain View meals.  Second, it was a great step forward in getting our Student Ministry aligned with what the overall body of Grace Fellowship is involved in. Third, it provided a great opportunity for students to bring friends and gave them something fun and meaningful to do together.  We are extremely grateful to God for blessing us with an amazing night and encouraged to see so many teens rally around something that will make such a BIG difference in the lives of younger kids in our community!

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