I have to give my friend and co-laborer in ministry, Derwin Gray, credit for the creativity for this sermon series.  I had reached the conclusion after a few months of leading the Student Ministry here at Grace Fellowship Church that while our students are very much ready for more depth in what we teach them, they are still looking for the things that are most foundational.  So we find ourselves in the midst of our new series, “OMG…Who is God? Why does it matter?”  To give you an overview of this series, here is the introduction that I shared with our students this morning.

We are starting our new series this morning.  If you hadn’t picked up on it already it’s called, “OMG! Who is God? Why does it matter?”  Yes, “OMG,” stands for “O my God!” Now for those of you who just thought to yourself, “OMG! He just said OMG in church!” the intentions behind my words are probably a little different than you are thinking right now.  Psalm 25:2 in the NASB reads, “O my God, in You I trust!”  As Christians, this statement is foundational to our faith in Jesus Christ because at the core of what we are saying when we believe in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of our sins and the salvation of our soul we are saying, “O my God, in You I trust!”

For any of you who would not call yourself a Christian, but you find yourself in church because you are seeking and maybe have a desire to learn about who God is, this series will be a benefit to you as well and will help you understand Who the God of the Bible really is.

Over the next several weeks we are going to be exploring various attributes or characteristics of God so that as believers we can answer the questions: Who is God? Why does it matter? And as we answer those questions and come to know God more intimately we will have a deeper understanding in our faith when we say, “O my God, in You I trust!” You see, what we believe about God will shape everything that we do.  It will shape our lives! The more we know about God the more we will fall in love with God and the more that we know and love God the more we will want to walk with Him and be like Him which creates a greater sense of urgency in our lives to understand Who God is and why it matters to our lives.

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