There was only one logical place to go with our Student Ministry after we ended the Community series with Community with the Lost. We jumped into the deep end of the evangelism pool without a life preserver.  Our second series entitled, “CAMPUS: we must take this house!”  intentionally fit it into the overall landscape of our Student Ministry as we continued to launch the school year:

  • Our church‘s mission statement is “Building a community to reach a community” a.k.a. “Building/Reaching.” We wanted to make sure we hit the Reaching side of our mission with the students since our first series lent itself to the them of Building.
  • Beyond evangelism being part of our church’s mission and values, it’s very much a part of who I am and it’s an area that I felt like needed to be brought to life with our students. We introduced them to THE Cause of Christ (Luke 19:10, Matthew 28:18-20). Reaching the lost with the Gospel is one of those things I believe we have to preach on twice as much and live out ourselves more intentionally for our students to catch the vision and get behind it as well.
  • See You at the Pole landed in the midst of this series and I really wanted it to be more than just a random event we participated in at the beginning of the school year that would be over at the same time that it started.  We made it a seamless part of their spiritual development leveraging it as a catalytic event to propel our students towards things like sharing their faith on campus, praying more than once a year on campus, getting involved in campus ministry groups like 1st Priority and FCA, etc. Mission accomplished!
  • This series helped us identify leaders within our group.  We have students that stepped up to lead the SYATP on their campuses.  In fact, of our 5 main campuses represented in our Student Ministry we had student leaders step up to the plate on all 5 of those campuses and they led the charge and prayer efforts!!!
  • We also used CAMPUS to introduce our teens to “Firestarter,” a book about a teen girl who comes to Christ and lives THE Cause of Christ out on her campus.  It has inspired several of our students to lead out on their campuses beyond See You at the Pole.  Our students purchased the first 20 copies we ordered from Dare 2 Share and we just ordered another 20 more to meet the demand.
Here is the breakdown of the 4-part series taking a quick look at each week.  Just like with our Community series, we are making the transcripts to each sermon available to you.  Simply email me at jlamb@gracejohnsoncity.com and we’ll get you the electronic copies of the sermons.
  1. We started by casting the Vision for THE Cause in the first week.  It helped explain the priority and urgency of reaching the lost and how important it was for them to be the ones reaching their friends with the Gospel on their campuses, not just inviting them out to church.
  2. The second week we camped out on the meta-narrative (Creation, Fall, Redemption, Consummation) and used this to introduce the teens to Dare 2 Share’s GOSPEL acronym.  Beyond breaking down each of the 6 statements of the GOSPEL we viewed the Life in 6 Words video which was a huge hit with our students.  THIS VIDEO CLIP IS A MUST PURCHASE and well worth the $10!!!
  3. We introduced the students to THE Cause circle and used the story of Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch as an example of what it looks like to Pray for their lost friends, Pursue them on a spiritual leave, and Persuade them to Accept Christ, Belong to a church, and Commit to THE Cause.  As I taught THE Cause circle we walked the students through filling it out as we went making it a little more real and applicable for them.
  4. This was our celebration Sunday!  We ended the series driven by student testimonies instead of a message as SYATP had just taken place Wednesday.  7 student leaders who were part of leading the charge on our 5 campuses for SYATP shared, 3 other students read scripture, and 10 minutes of “open mic” allowed other students to share what God had been doing in their lives. I will admit, we didn’t have any students talk about sharing their faith with their friends, but we will keep the expectation in front of them and I anticipate it won’t be long before more student leaders step up and start sharing stories about sharing their faith!

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