As part of my farewell from Dare 2 Share the staff put together the “Top 10 Reasons Jason is Leaving Dare 2 Share!”  I laughed til I cried as they read this list.  A true tribute to the memories I have of 5 1/2 years with some amazing people!  They aren’t the greatest when it comes to numbers (especially now with my absence) so their top 10 list actually has 16 reasons on it.  For your humorous pleasure…

16) Scared that John Musil’s arguments were starting to make more and more sense to him (ya have to know John – but odds are you know someone like him).

15) Always being voted the person who needed to travel with Greg to babysit him on the road.

14) Dress code is too stringent – had to go to a place where things are more casual

13) Off to Biggest Loser camp where he wants to shed the extra pounds and come back as a Zane Black look alike

12) There’s no need to be in the office before 9am

11) Tired of having to live with unrealistic number expectations…yeah, like you never see that in youth ministry

10) Embarassed by his feminine side, he had to move to a place where no one knew that he went to see Twilight…by himself…(sadly true)

9) Dave found the document proving that Jason was the one who pushed for the HTC phones over the iPhone. (#epicfail)

8 ) He wanted a job where annual goals and objectives could be written on a pizza box

7) Finally, an administrative assistant of his very own!

6) Tired of losing parts of his wardrobe everytime Greg had to do a talk or videotaping (Get a watch and some new clothes Stier!)

5) One strong , opinionated woman in his life is enough, thank you (Amen!)

4) Always quietly hating the Rockefeller Habits, he had to go to a place where meeting rhythms meant that they were selecting what praise music to play at the upcoming retreat

3) Wanted to live in a place that had all 4 seasons over the course of the year, not one that could give you all 4 seasons in one day

2) Felt that if he was going to be preached at all the time (Greg), he might as well work at an actual church

1) Debb finally realized that 32 out of his 40 hour work week was spent walking around the office with his coffee mug and his iPad2.

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons I left Dare 2 Share

  1. Good stuff Jason. Can’t believe you saw Twilight period…let alone by yourself. And although I was surprised to hear you’re leaving D2S, I’m pumped that you are now more like Jesus…a youth pastor :). Welcome back! And Go Bucks!

  2. Do I dare comment? Not that I take personal offense to any of these… 🙂

    We miss you tons but know that God is going to do some great things in your ministry there too. Can’t wait to hear the stories.

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