We pray it up so that the lost will be reached, the believers emboldened, and for THE Cause to accelerate.

We live THE Cause ourselves to set the pace in our Youth Groups.

We inspire our teens to join us in Christ’s Cause through a storytelling culture: Jesus’ stories, our stories, their peer’s stories, and their stories.

We equip them to share their faith telling the full story of the Gospel encompassing creation, fall, redemption, consummation.

Now we deploy them on their Middle School and High School campuses to make disciples who make disciples.  There are 67,000+ campuses in the United States that approximately 23,000,000 teenagers spend the vast majority of their lives on for 6-7 years.  The impact that moblized Christian teens could have on those campuses is potentially immeasurable.  We need to deploy them with purpose on their campuses with a full circle discipleship strategy.

This strategy needs to begin with prayer for their lost friends, grow through evangelism, then strengthens with discipleship, and culminates with multiplication in that these new beleivers who are growing in their faith are now praying for their lost friends, evangelizing, discipling and multiplying…and on and on and on it keeps going.

Another way Dare 2 Share describes this strategy is through THE Cause Cirlce, a.k.a the Pray – Pursue – Persuade circle (you can download a copy of it HERE).  The driving force behind THE Cause Circle is the cyclical nature of it.  It starts with prayer for the lost, pursuing them on a spiritual level (bringing God up), and persuading them to do 3 things: Accept Christ, Belong to the church, Commit to THE Cause.  It’s in the Persuade aspect of this cycle that you see the concepts of evangelism, discipleship and multiplication.

Delpoyment is where the rubber meets the road.  It’s where teens take ownership in THE Cause and ultimately their faith and put it all on the line for Jesus.

In what ways are you deploying your teens to live THE Cause?

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