Now that we are PRAYING for THE Cause and LIVING it out in our own lives, it’s time to turn the focus on how THE Cause begins to manifest itself in our Youth Ministries.  How do we start this process?  Quite simply, I think we have to start by getting our teens excited, pumped up, motivated, INSPIRED to live THE Cause.

Jesus’ disciples were inspired to live THE Cause by watching Jesus live it out in everyday situations.  He did life with people and transformation followed in both physical and spiritual healing.  They saw lives changed as Jesus paved the way.  Additionally, the disciples were inspired to live THE Cause because Jesus preached about it constantly.  I’ve already discussed the importance for us to live THE Cause, but we have to preach about it as well.

We can’t just preach or teach about something once or twice and expect our teens to get it.  And we can’t just preach it the same way over and over expecting that repetition will breed inspiration.  We have to talk about it all the time and play to the different things that inspired the disciples in scripture that will undoubtedly inspire our teens the same way.  We need to preach on THE Cause inspiring our teens to: join Jesus on this awesome adventure, desire to hear Him say, “well done,” allow the realities of heaven and hell to inspire our teens, compassion for the lost, obedience to the Father, knowing that the Spirit lives inside of us and desires us to be on mission with Him…the list of inspirations we see in scripture can go on and on.  So we should preach about it like we always have something new to say.

Something else that will inspire your teens beyond you living it and preaching about it is hearing stories from other teens who are already on board living THE Cause as well.  How must more inspiring can it get than a teen hearing from a peer about an opportunity they had to share the Gospel, lead someone to Christ, and experience life transformation (for themselves in addition to the lost)?  Are we creating opportunities for our teens to share their stories in Youth Group?  If we aren’t, why wouldn’t we start? 

Inspiration comes from so many different places, but do we take the time to make sure we are incorporating inspiration into every week of Youth Ministry.

How do you do inspiration in your Youth Ministry?

Are you giving teens the opportunity to share their stories?

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