I started G90X today, prompted by Greg Stier’s (blog over the weekend. I am currently on a diet plan to lose weight to appease the physical requirement of the program (currently down 9 lbs). Today started the spiritual disciplines portion of which I have committed to reading the Bible in 90 days and praying intentionally and intensely for at least 90 minutes a week. I am keeping a prayer journal for the next 3 months (a discipline I have never been able to maintain for that long) and on occasion I will post my thoughts in a list format on my blog from my daily reading.

Day 1, Gen 1-16
– The Serpent played to Eve’s desire to be like God, just the same way that his own desire to be like God got him kicked out of heaven. (Gen 3:5-6)
– Adam blamed God for their sin. (Gen 3:12)
-God had compassion on Adam and Eve and sacrificed an animal to cover their sin. (Gen 3:21)
– God had compassion an all of humanity when He dispelled Adam and Eve from the garden. (Gen 3:22-24)
– Cane represents human effort/sinful nature. Abel represents dependence on God/relationship with Him. (Gen 4:1-2)
– Cane states that there were other humans on the earth (Gen 4:13),
– Enoch seems to have had the closest relationship to God (Gen 5:23-24)
– God had extreme compassion and a broken heart for humanity. (Gen 6:5-8)
– Did God redeem a His curse of the ground? (Gen 8:21 / Gen 3:17)
– Murder appears to be one of the greatest offenses against God. (Gen 9:5-7 / Gen 4:8)
– Noah curses Ham’s son Canaan for his offense of seeing Noah naked and doing nothing about it. (Gen 9:24-25)
– The birth of all nations through Japheth. (Gen 10:4-5) Could this have been God’s provsion in anticipation of the Tower of Babel? Gen 10:20 also identifies the expansion of people and nations through Ham and again through Shem (Gen 10:31). Affirmed in Gen 10:32. Is it possible that the nations descended from Noah that would occupy the whole earth as God’s provision so that when He dispersed the people all over the earth for building the tower of Babel, speaking different languages, that their would people of God there when they arrived?
– Man’s plan (Gen 11:4) vs. God’s will (Gen 11:5-9)
– Abram is a descendant of Shem (Gen 11:10-32)
– God continues to demonstrate His love and compassion and grace for all of humanity through Abram (Gen 12:1-3)
– The famine in Canaan that drove Abram and Sarai into Egypt probably a result of the cursenover Canaan. (Gen 12:10)
– God sent terrible plagues on Pharoah when he took Sarai from Abram, a foreshadow of the plagues in Exodus when Pharoah interferes with God’s plans for His people. (Gen 12:17). It resulted in Pharoah freeing them from Egypt (Gen 12:20) foreshadow?
– The LORD assured Abram of His Covent with him after Lot took the Jordan Valley for himself. (Gen 13:14-18)
– Abram had victory over Kedorlaomer’s army, a feat that the army of 5 kings could not accomplish (Gen 14:14-17)
– Abram was blessed by God, who gave him the victory, and would not take anthing for himself. He truly understood that it was not about him, but all about God. (Gen 14:17-24)
– God reminds Abram of His covenant with him and proclaims that his inheritance will not go to his servant – foreshadow that the covenant would not be fulfilled through Ismael. (Gen 15:1-6)
– Abram believed God and he was counted righteous because of his faith. (Gen 15:6)
– Despite God’s promise to Abram, he accepts Sarai’s servant Hagar as his wife and gets her pregnant. (Gen 16:1-4)
– God promises Hagar countless descendants as well, but goes on to tell her that Ismael will live in hostility towards his relatives. Prophecy of the ongoing tension between Israel and the Islamic nations in the Middle East? (Gen 16:10-12)

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