I love it when God does His thing and orchestrates amazing opportunities between strangers!

I got to church tonight and one of the ladies there came up to me and asked me to keep an eye on a few teen boys that she had brought with her (kudos to her for being willing enough and caring enough for these boys to bring them! viva LA Cause!).  They were obviously not excited to be there.  In fact, one of them decided he didn’t want to be there so he called his dad and got picked up.  However, the other two boys, Franky and “Forky” stayed.  I told them they didn’t have to participate in anything but that they needed to hang with me for the night.

They reluctantly came along and endured the Teen worship service we do on Wednesday nights.  They didn’t sing nor stand during worship and they were less than responsive during the sermon.  I was totally good with all of this as they were honoring the commitment they had given to me to simply be there.  Mind you, the whole time I’m praying for these two young men as I know that when it’s time to break up into our discussion groups I’m going to bring up the Gospel.

As I expected they didn’t want anything to do with being in the high school guys discussion group so I took them out into our cafe area and just began talking to them.  I asked them why they were at church and what the believed.  Ironically, the friend who bailed on them is the one that convinced the two of them to come to church.  I learned through the conversation that Franky is a young believer who needs to some accountability and fire under his feet when it comes to his faith.  Forky, however, doesn’t believe in God as he can’t comprehend why God would let the world get this way, but more personally is angry at God because his earthly father is an abusive individual and it sounds like has checked out.

I layed out the Gospel as clearly as I know how and pleaded (without begging) for Forky to consider the truth I was sharing with him.  I could physically see the Holy Spirit working in his life.  It was actually intense to watch Forky mentally and emotionally wrestle with God.  Watching this happen compelled me to make the case again and again and every time I asked him if he was willing to believe I could see him get right up to that point of a decision, but he would only respond, “I don’t know.”

While I wish and have prayed since my meeting with these two young men that Forky would believe in Jesus Christ, he hasn’t just yet.  But his follow-up response to, “I don’t know,” still has me excited and eager.  He said he wants to come back a few more weeks to church and learn more.  He was appreciative of my willingness to talk for so long with them and answer questions.  He shook my hand, gave me a hug, and let me know his real name is Luis.  As it turns out, neither one of the boys lives too far from my home so they both konw they can call me for a ride to church or just to talk.

Please join me in praying for both of these young men!  God, continue to work in Luis’ life and nurture the seed of Your Truth that was planted in his life!  Amen

6 thoughts on “Franky and Forky For Real!

  1. WOW Jason. Cool! I saw you sitting with them and I was praying as well. I prayed the whole worship service that the Spirit would be moving and softening the hearts of all the kids there. Thank you so much for sharing. There is such an urgency I feel serving and loving teenagers. I will continue to lift them up…

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