I love to travel.  I’ve done it my whole life.  I’ve been to all 48 continental United States, over half of Europe, Canada, Mexico, and a stop or two in South America.  I’m what some might refer to as a Passport stamp junky.  So to put some limitations on this round of Final Four Friday I decided to limit the list to my top 4 cities that Dare 2 Share has sent me to over the last 4 years, 11 months and 2 weeks.

4) St Louis, MO – I know, not quite the exciting city that you might be expecting to see on someone’s top 4 list.  However, this midwest Mecca made the list becuase I’ve traveled here several times and gotten to taste the local culture.  The food here is amazing, the arch is a cool monument, and some of my favorite Youth Leaders in the nation minister in this area! (my D2S travels: 2 D2S conferences, 2 D2S Youth Leader trainings)

3) Atlanta, GA – This city would make just about any top 4 list of cities that I put together.  Olympic Park is an amazing site of modern American history, Atlanta Underground is a cool place to hang out, and this city is the home of Coca-Cola.  Seriously, enough said. (my D2S travels: 2 Youth Specialties conferences)

2) Orlando, FL – I’m a beach bum.  If I have the opportunity to pick where I retire then I will join just about every other senior citizen in America by moving in with Mickey.  I love this city and cannot wait until the Spring of 2012 when we host our first conference in central Florida! (my D2S travels: Salvation Army Youth Leader training with Greg Stier)

1) Seattle, WA – Another one of those cities I have traveled to several time for Dare 2 Share.  It’s quite simple.  I love Sushi and it gets no better than here! (my D2S travels: 1 D2S conference, 2 D2S Youth Leader trainings, 1 Creation Northwest)

BONUS) Washington, DC – So I cheated this week and added a 5th, but you can’t stand between a man and his hometown.  I love DC for so many reasons and love that we host conferences here.  I can’t wait to see everyone when we bring the Dare 2 Share conference here in just a few short weeks.  This year’s conference ironically falls on the weekedn that marks the 5 year anniversary of Neva and I (and Christian) moving to Denver from DC to be a part of Dare 2 Share! (my D2S travels: 1 D2S conference, 2 D2S Youth Leader trainings, 1 4th of July for Christ on the Mall)

One thought on “Final Four Friday: Cities Dare 2 Share has sent me to

  1. J-
    Proud to see Seattle as #1; though I thought visiting with me may have been the reason instead of some nasty-ol-sushi?

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