God, Thank you for giving me a passion for this next generation.  As I looked into the faces of so many teens tonight I felt an array of emotions sweep over me.  The rush of excitement as I dreamt of what their potential could be.  A broken heart for the hurt in their lives and how desperately they need You…and even more so for the teens who don’t even realize it.  I was blown away as I contemplated the impact they could have in the lives of their friends and on their campuses as they introduce their lost and hurting friends to You, oh if they only would!  The frustration of  wanting to bang my head against a brick wall as I considered that so many of them who believe in You are not even aware of the power they have in Your Spirit, that You have filled them with, and ashamed to know it’s just as much my fault as anyone elses. 

Would You use me to help them realize that what You have rescued them for is just as significant as what You have rescued them from?  Don’t let the enemy to lull them into apathy but instead give them an urgency to reach the lost!  Awaken them to the calling You have given them to make disciples who make disciples and the power by which You have called them.

For the glory of God and the salvation of humanity…Amen

3 thoughts on “A Youth Pastor’s Prayer

  1. I needed that today, Jason, thanks! It truly is my prayer but it’s so easy to get bogged down in ministry and forget it.
    p.s. I’m still hurt that you haven’t called me back. I’m probably gonna boycott the Columbus D2S because of it 🙂

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