I am a huge sports fan!  I love watching them, playing them, talking about them…pretty much I’m into anything that has anything to do with sports.  With that said, this Friday I wanted to share with you my 4 favorite sports team frachises.

4. The Washington Redskins.  I was raised on the burgundy and gold as we lived near Washington, DC most of our lives.  I remember Doug Williams leading the Skins to the Super Bowl, watching Art Monk make spectacular catches, and one of the fastest men to ever play in the NFL, Darryl Green.  My dad was able to take my brother and I to a Monday Night game against the Philadelphia Eagles…awesome!  It’s been a while since they’ve done much of anything, but I’m optimistic with Mike Shanahan at the controls.

3. The North Carolina Tar Heels Basketball.  One of the greatest college basketball programs of all time.  I remember Dean Smith taking team after team to the Final Four.  While the history of UNC basketball is highlighted with amazing players, I became a fan when they had Rasheed Wallace and Jerry Stackhouse running the court.  This is the only one of top 4 teams that I’ve never seen play in person.

2. The Baltimore Orioles.  I was fortunate enough to be raised on Cal Ripken, Jr. baseball and the luxury of attending several games growing up.  Great memories of hanging out with the family at Camden Yards and then I had the privilege to take my wife and son to a few games as well (minus Cal Ripken).

1. THE Nebraska Cornhusker Football Program.  Nebraska football on Saturdays was more religious than church on Sundays.  I loved watching these games with my dad and brother.  My freshman year I went to the University of Nebraska, Omaha and made the road trip to Lincoln for a game.  I’ve never felt so much energy in a sports stadium and will never forget watching Tommy Frazier play!

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