6 thoughts on “What type of teens are you ministering to?

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  2. This poll seems a little hard to answer, we have all of those kids in our ministry, but i work a lot more with the student leadership team, which happen to me mainly saved kids with family support.

    • Ben, I don’t disagree a bit and I realize most Youth Ministries have all 4 teens in them. I’m more curious to know of these 4 segments, which one is predominate in your group. I’m ultimately curious to see if we take into consideration the type of teens in our groups and the impact it has on the way we program and do ministry.

      What did you think of the original blog I posted that resulted in this poll being posted?

    • Brent – I totally get what you are saying. Those teens in my mind fall under the, “Saved teens with no family support.” Even though they should have the support from their parents, they don’t. I actually reminisced about several teens that used to be in my ministry that fell into that same defnition.

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