This week’s Final Four Friday focuses on what I would consider very foundational books in Youth Ministry.  If you are a Youth Leader, each of these books should be on your shelf.

4) Outbreak – an oldy but a goody by Greg Stier.  This book will inspire you to have a heart for evangelism and give you the drive and desire to implement it in your Youth Ministry.  If you are convinced that evangelism is missing in your Youth Ministry you should check this book out!

3) Jesus Centered Youth Ministry – a relatively newer Youth Ministry book written by Rick Lawrence of GROUP magazine.  Rick loves Youth Leaders and their ministries and this book will provide you with focus for your Youth Ministry as you look to make Jesus the center piece of everything you do!

2) Purpose Drive Youth Ministry – as if Doug Fields’ book wouldn’t make everyone’s Youth Ministry book list.  It really was foundational for me in Youth Ministry and provided direction as I forged ahead as a young Youth Leader.  While I would do things a little differently the next time around in Youth Ministry this book would still be a resource to help me determine if I was leading a well rounded ministry.

1) Ministry Mutiny – in all seriousness, every time I read this book I feel the emotional tug to be back in the trenches as a Youth Leader.  Greg Stier does an amazing job grabbing the hearts and imaginations of Youth Leaders through this story of a Youth Leader on the brink of quitting because his Youth Ministry has become the machine he swore it would never become.  You will find yourself walking through his journey and mentoring that gave him a new and biblical vision for what Youth Ministry is supposed to look like.

2 thoughts on “Final Four Friday: Books on Youth Ministry

  1. Thanks for the list Jason, I’ve read parts of all 4, and even completed one of them! One of the best books on Youth Ministry that very few have heard of because Waterbrook Press was going through major leadership changes at the times was a book called “After You Drop Them Off” by Jeramy Clark. To me it is a must-have book for volunteer leaders and parents of teens, gives a great “behind the scenes” look at what can/should be happening in student ministry programs after you drop them off!

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