4) Chocolate Pecan Pie – I’m a chocolate kinda guy so while a  good southern Pecan Pie is good, a Chocolate Pecan Pie can’t be beat. 

3) Apple Pie – Not just any Apple Pie but my wife’s grandmother’s recipe.  Thinly sliced apple with the most amazing cinammon and brown sugar mix covered in a homemade pie crust.  You haven’t had an Apple Pie until you’ve had this one!

2) Chocolate and Strawberry Bread Pudding with Caramel Sauce – My older half-brother made this several year’s ago, I think a recipe he picked up from a restaurant he worked at.  AMAZING!  The richest chocolate mix you’ve ever had that is actually softened by the sweet strawberries and homemade caramel sauce that goes with it.  Up until this year, it was the greatest dessert I think I’ve ever had.

1) White Chocolate and Raspberry Bread Pudding – The dessert that dethroned the previous king is a new creation that I invented this year.  Invented may be too strong of a word.  More like swapping out two main ingredients for one of my favorite flavor combinations in the world.  In addition to the caramel sauce I am going to make a raspberry puree’ to go along with my new favorite!

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