So I got this idea from a good friend of mine in Youth Ministry, Brian Aaby of Youthmark. You can check out his 3-for-Thursday posts on his blog.  So if I got the idea of my Final Four Fridays from his 3-for-Thursdays, why did I have to go one more?  Two very practical reasons:

  1. I’m a huge college basketball fan (Go Tarheels!) so March Madness and the Final Four are a nationally celebrated holiday in my home.
  2. I’m a competitive guy, so if I can beat any by 1 I typically jump at the chance (sorry Brian).

So for my inaugural Final Four Friday post I have chosen to share my 4 favorite sushi rolls.  That’s right, for those of you who know me you know that I love sushi.  So I figured, why not?

4. The Jay-Bee roll at Blue Koi in Cenntenial, CO.  While I have found similar rolls to the Jay-Bee (deep fried California roll) it was the first of its kind that I had ever had.  Great roll and a must order.   Hits the list at #4 because the Blue Koi has sadly gone out of business.

3.  The 007 Roll at Umi’s Sake House in Seattle, WA.  The only word to describe this roll is SPICY and you know because it was in Seattle it was some high quality fish!  Amazing experience.  For your reference, the 007 roll is the green looking roll (covered in Jalapenos)!

2. The Take A Chance roll at Blue Ocean Sushi in St Louis, MO.  I know it’s nuts to have sushi from the midwest ranked above sushi from the West Coast, however this roll came to our table literally on fire and it was part of an all-you-can-eat menu.  I love entertainment with dinner and will always give all-you-can-eat experiences the edge.

1.  The Volcano Roll at Katsu Sushi in Aurora, CO.  I love eel and crab meat, it’s a local joint that I can access whenever I can afford it, and this roll is the star of an all-you-can-eat menu available for less than $25.  The last time my older brother and I ate here we put down 14 rolls (3 Volcano Rolls) and 24 pieces of Nigiri!

2 thoughts on “Final Four Friday: Sushi

  1. Jason…
    First, I’m honored that I could help launch a series on your blog.
    Second, I’m grossed out that you’d choose SUSHI of all things to begin your Final Four (I hate seafood, yep, even though I’m from Seattle).
    Third, you may be competitive and think you’ve won, well, take a closer look at my blog, I did have at “Top 5 Tuesday” series for a year or so that I put on hold for a season to move to the 3-For-Thursday. So, technically I win.
    Last, I look forward to hanging out on your blog more, thanks for posting more often!

  2. Bro, thanks for the encouragement. Forgot about the Top 5 Tuesday. I guess I’ll have to relaunch next week with a Super Sunday Seven. 🙂 I’m definiltey loving blogging again and looking forward to creating more content and fun!

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