Dare 2 Share is hosting a Youth Leader training in Chicago today for somewhere hear 250 Youth Leaders.  This is one of several trainings we have been hosting nationwide with our final event next week in the Twin Cities.  What’s unique about today’s event is that there is an area-wide tornado warning and Chicago O’Hare has actually shut down due to the weather.  In addition to the weather that could impede attendance today, one of our team member’s (Joni, our Chicago Ministry Advocate) dad had a heart attack yesterday.  Thankfully he is doing fine but we would still love your prayers.  All of this to say, the circumstances surrounding our Chicago Youth Leader training have compelled me to write this post, “How is your ‘Focus’ in Youth Ministry?”

Life is always going to bring a variety of circumstances to distract us from what God is calling us to do.  Whether weather or health issues as Dare 2 Share is experiencing today, or any other obstacle that can be throw our way Satan will do whatever he can to keep our eye off the prize and our view out of focus.  I heard a cool quote that Satan seeks to do the most harm to those that seek to do his kindom the most damage.  How much of a threat are you and your Youth Ministry to his kingdom?

Think of everything that happened to Paul as he served on his missionary adventures and how easily he could have been distracted from what God had called him to.  He was definitely a threat to the enemy’s kingdom but was seemingly never lost focus no matter what he encountered: shipwrecked, beaten, stoned, nearly killed, snake bitten, jailed, beheaded…you name it, Paul endured it (except for that beheading thing).

What is distracting you in your Youth Ministry from being focused on what God has called you to do?  Do you rise to the occasion when challenges come your way or do you shrink back to avoid the conflict?  If you were in Chicago today, would you make it out to the training and join Greg Stier and the team or allow the weather to dictate your participation in a Youth Ministry training that could radically transform the way you do ministry?  How focused are you in Youth Ministry?

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