In my ongoing study of learning about God and trying to gain a holy perspective of Him I turned to Isaiah 6 after meditating on Revelation 4 for the past several days.  There is something very stirring about reading these passages that depict God is all of His glory as He resides in Heaven.

The first thing that jumps out at me in Isaiah 6 after reading Revelation 4 is might seraphim that are flying around him with 6 wings (2 to cover their feet, 2 to cover their faces, and 2 to fly with).  I immediately thought of the four living beings in Revelation 4.  While John uses greater detail in Revelation 4 I am assuming that these holy creatures are one (or four) in the same as in both images of God’s throneroom we see them flying around, each with 6 wings, singing God’s praises as they cry out “Holy, holy, holy!”  In Isaiah we see God sitting on His throne wearing a robe that’s train filled the temple and smoke that filled the building.  The praise of the seraphim actually shook the room to its foundation.

As I compare the two passages I’m astounded by the similarities and curious about some of the differences.  I absolutely believe that God exists outside the limitations of time but I wonder if one of the keys to the differences in these two passages is that the scene in Revelation 4 is certainly after Christ’s life on earth and also what I believe to be a view of Heaven after all the believers ascend into Heaven.  I could be off in my estimation but it’s currently where I am at in wrestling through with these passages.  If someone out there has a better understanding or idea for the differences in these passages I would love to hear it.

Regardless, I am in awe of God and His majesty as I meditate on Him ruling the universe from His throne in Heaven.  I’m humbled to realize that the God of all things knows me and is more than just aware of my existence but actually loves me!

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