Have you ever given much thought to this question?  I’m sure we have all thought about God, but do we consider who God is?  Not, “Is there a God?” or “What is God like?” but have we truly wrestled with the idea of who God is?

This quesiton may have crossed my mind on occasion throughout my faith journey but it has really stuck with me over the past couple of months and I can’t shake it.  I have actually been very grateful that God has been working in this way in my life: bringing scripture passages, thoughts, questions, and prayers to my mind and as my friend Derwin Grey would say, “Marinate on it.”

So this is the question that I have been marinating on for weeks and I don’t know that there is any other question I want to worry about answering because to answer it completely will take a lifetime in my best estimation.  In the randomness of how my mind works I have decided to start my quest by reading and praying over passages in the Bible that reveal God in all His glory in Heaven.  First passage up, Revelation 4:1-11.

3 thoughts come to mind:

I am in awe! This passage gives me a visual glimpse of the God that I believe in.  What a powerful image and depiction of God!  I’ve been pondering this passage for some time now and I can’t shake the magnitude and majesty of God as described in this passage: brilliant as jasper and cornelian, the glow of emeralds around His throne, 24 thrones and 24 elders surrounding Him, lightning and thunder, 7 torches representing the 7-fold Spirit of God, and a sea of glass shining like crystal.  WOW!

I am convicted! This passage puts me in my place.  Immediately I am convicted of my casualness in my understanding God.  If this is the God that I truly believe in…that He exists in all His glory as demonstrated in Revelation 4 then why am I such a chicken when it comes to my faith?  If this is the God that I am connected to and with Whose power I am filled with then what is stopping me? 

I am obsessed!  I can’t shake this image of God.  When I pray, this is how I envision God as I speak to Him.  When I worship, I am compelled to (and do) take off my shoes like Moses before the burning bush as I stand in His presence.  When I live my life, I am constantly reminded that I serve this God in everything I do.

I am wrecked!  and I like it!  I cannot wait to discover who God is in other passages of scriptures.  If you have recommendations of passages I should read as it relates to God depicted in all of His glory in Heaven then please share them with me as I journey on this quest to know as intimately as possible who God is!

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