I know, I blog about as often as I workout.  Hopefully both of these disciplines will change in the near future.  And if not, a blog every few months isn’t a bad thing, is it?

I just got done spending the past few days with some good friends, Zane and Rachel Black, outside of Seattle, WA at Creation WestZane and I serve as Dare 2 Share’s tag team tandem as he rocked main stage speaking to thousands of teens this morning and I got to do something I love – train about 50 Youth Leaders at Interlinc’s hospitality tent regarding THE Cause

I was super stoked about training today as this was my first opportunity to train THE Cause material.  It was quite the rush and I had a lot of fun with it.  It was cool getting to add my own personal style to the training sharing illustrations of my son, Christian, and interjecting a few quotes from the book I am currently reading, The Radical Wesley, by Howard Snyder.  I am looking forward to future opportunities to share THE Cause with other Youth Leaders as God allows.

2 thoughts on “Creation West and THE Cause

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  2. Great job Jason! I am super excited to see youth leaders in the northwest unleashed to mobilize teenagers to make disciples. Let’s pray thatGod sparks a revival…

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