So we are at the start of another week.   I have lost 4 lbs since weighing in last Monday AM and I’m pretty stoked about that.  It’s crazy how much more energy I have after a week, how much better I’m sleeping at night, and the highlight of the week, my wife said she could already notice a slimming in the mid-section.  You gotta love that.

Workout:  So we were back to Chest & Shoulders today and it was intense, again.  It was nice to get through the routine with increased ease and it was also cool to see how I was able to top my performance last week, pushing a few extra reps over last week on different workouts.  Diamond push-ups are still difficult for me, and I haven’t gotten to where I am doing pull-ups without cheating with the chair.  But I continue to push through – do your best, forget the rest.

We followed up with the Ab Ripper X workout.  I am still cheating on most of these workouts as well but it’s nice to get through it and doing more than I did with it any of the 3 times I did it last week.  Bonus – I didn’t throw up this week.

Diet:  This week is going to be a little more difficult than normal because I have 2 full days out of the office, but no excuses.  I will figure out ways to get it done and make it happen.  I am convinced the success of this program is due in large part to sticking to the diet.  Additionally, I ate at later times today and didn’t like that too much.  I’m going to have to get back in the rhythm of eating early and often.

  • 7:00am breakfast: Recovery drink, 4 pieces of turkey bacon, 8 oz skim milk
  • 12:00pm lunch: Salad consisting of 2 cups of spinach leaf, 3 oz chicken, 3 oz steak, 1 oz feta cheese, 2 tbsp low-fat dressing
  • 4:00pm snack: protein bar
  • 6:30pm dinner: 8 oz V8, 6 oz hamburger, whole wheat bun, low fat mayo and mustard, corn on the cob
  • 8:00pm snack: protein powder, 8 oz skim milk, 1 cup frozen fruit

G90X:  You read it right.  G90X.  It’s a spiritual discipline program my boss, Greg Stier, came up with to compliment P90X.  You can read about the whole program HERE and join us if you’d like.  I’m planning on memorizing 90 verses and spending 90 minutes in very intentional prayer each week.  I don’t think I’m going to read the whole Bible in 90 days, but think I will try to get through the OT in that amount of time.

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