A long time ago when galaxies were just a myth, there was this Thing so amazing it existed in triplicate.

The Trinity lived in perfect fellowship, wanting for nothing and nothing to need.  Self sustaining, you could say, but it was so much more that just this.  The Trinity doesn’t survive by it thrives.

Within the Three-in-One there was such a love that He said to Himselves, I’ve got to share this.   So without reservation He opened it up and let us all in.  But He foreknew the cost.  Why would He do this?

But more emphatically than when He called into nothingness and said, “Let there be light,” throughout all eterinity He demanded, “Let there be Love!” and then we was.

Broken and bruised, far from the Perfect Image we were created in but what’s perplexing is that He knew that it’d be like this.  He knew we would break it, and Him.

So He traded His courtside seats to accomplish his feat and called out to The Coach, “Let me in! I’ve got this.”  And without another thought He stood from his throne and decided to call, what He had made, his new home.

Perfection in the flesh. No young man not a her.  The Creator, the God, the Trinity in part yet altogether.  But it wasn’t enough for Him to witness or endure it.  No His plan was far better, His desire was to pursue it.

So He walked, and He talked, and He healed, and He fed – 5,000 was nothing compared to the slavation He brought.  He was without blame, but surrounded by more thousands (of scandals that is) all with one goal to remove Him, so they thought.

So one of his own, in a thought process I pray I’ll never understand, gave into the plots and in a performance so underhanded…gave up not just a friend, a teacher, or a rabbi but the God of the universe for pocket change, really, what price would you put on eternity for the damnedest?

And then came our shame.  It wasn’t bad enough that we beat Him with a cat of nine tails we followed  it up by the brutality of three crooked sharp nails.  And a crown of thorns to top it all off, all the while the God-Man was humiliated, then mocked.

What happened next I don’t think anything in Creation could have foreseen but in God’s anger a ripple in the Trinity.  A ripple in love, for love, because of love, and then…

Darkness and silence.

God couldn’t stand to put His gaze on the One He loved, had called “My Beloved!” but now was Sin.  And for what?  You and me, He had traded perfection in Heaven and the comforts of a throne room so we might have a room in His house, that’s right, we’ve been invited in!  We have front row seats to sit in Awe of the Trinity from the moment we believe til the “end” of all eternity.

That’s right, that’s where our story began with a Hero in three parts.  So on third day, God I so wish I’d been there to hear it, Your God-sized demand, “Leave no God-Man behind!”

All of creation from before, and even then, and certainly now, can know what love is because Jesus+God+Spirit, love, is!

So on a day, like today, that we remember He’s risen put your faith and trust in God who refused to let you live in a prison of sorts, with walls you created.  Just accept His story of love that He’s asked you to be in.

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