Sunday was a great day from a training standpoint.  That morning Derwin Gray and I tag-teamed session 1 of Unleashing THE Cause.  It was cool to hear Derwin’s perspective on evangelism as a process and I was able to compliment his theology and philosphy by walking Youth Leaders through some practical tools for how to implement THE Cause, primarily THE Cause Circle.  We had a blast teaching together.

That afternoon Greg Stier joined us and he preached his sermon, “What drove Jesus should drive us!”  and really shared that if that heart of Jesus, found in Luke 19:10, “The Son of Man came to seek and save that which was lost,” then we should share that mission in life as well.  We concluded our Sunday half-track with a great time of Q&A with the Youth Leaders by having them text in questions to a cell phone we had.  It was a great way to host the Q&A. 

“FUN!” is the best word I can come up with to describe Sunday night.  It started with the most hilarious thing I have ever seen.  The Skit Guys opened the general session with a Late Night Talk Show spoof…very Letterman-esque.  They invited Greg to come out and gave him flowers (big mistake) and then setup to do an interview with him.  As part of the spoof, as soon as Greg began to answer the band played and he was ushered off stage.  Before leaving though, he beat down Tommy of the Skit Guys with his bouqet of flowers and the place went nuts (video coming soon).  I concluded the night with a sneak peak into Gospel Journey Maui.  Greg opened it up and we rolled one of the episodes, “Why are there so many religions and can they all be right?”  Debb was able to give some updates on the cast and I was able to walk through the curriculum, explain the ALT-ernative teaching style and answer Youth Leader questions.  Good times.

Sunday was a good day…

One thought on “SYMC 2010: Day 3

  1. I am joyful that your time spent was fruitful! Appreciate all that you guys are doing ! I would love to hook up when you all get back from Phoenix, will be praying for you.
    We are in GJ Maui #3 with Middle School and #2 with Sr. Hi.

    shalom to you!

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