Today was exciting, intense, busy, and fun all wrapped into one fast-paced day.

Things started early this morning with a 7am breakfast for those of us who are a part of www.StudentMinistry.com Youth Mentoring program.  It was nice to meet face-to-face with peers that I have only “known” through social media. 

Right after getting done with breakfast it was time to set-up and prepare for our Saturday half-track: “Igniting your passion for Christ and His Cause.”  It was fun to work alongside Derwin Gray as he presented the first session.  I almost struggled to keep up with the media presentation as I was taking notes with every word that he spoke.  The afternoon was an even greater adventure for me as it was my turn to present.  Our second session focused on the GOSPEL Journey and Relational and Relentless styles of evangelism.  It was quite the rush presenting this afternoon and I am excited about tomorrow’s opportunity as well.

Dinner was a special Chicago-style treat as Debb, Brian Ford and I all went in and shared a deep dish pizza.  If you ever make it to Chicago you need to order a Giordano’s pizza.

The day ended with an incredible general session as Derwin preached a motivational and stirring sermon: Upward, Inward, Outward.  Be on the lookout for pictures and videos of the weekend.

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