It’s late and I’m tired but if I don’t post this now I will forget some of the cool things that happened today at SYMC 2010 in Chicago.  My hope (not my promise) is to blog once a day about the experiences and happenings of this weekend.

Our first day was eventful and met every expectation.  I’m actually having a total blast representing Dare 2 Share and hosting some trainings this weekend.  Today was a 90 minute Q&A about Deep & Wide Youth Ministry.  My good friend Tim Schmoyer joined me as we shared this vision of Youth Ministry with about 20 other youth leaders.  We had great discussion and I look forward to following up with everyone post-conference to discuss what Deep & Wide Youth Ministry will look like in their unique ministry settings.  As a side, one of the youth leaders who attended the Q&A is a 2005 graduate of my alma mater, Gardner-Webb University.

Debb, my boss, and I met up and had dinner with Derwin Gray who I have the privelege of co-leading our training sessions this weekend.  He is also going to rock the general session tomorrow night.  I love hearing him speak and I’m blessed to serve alongside him this weekend.

Tonight, Duffy Robbins knocked it out of the park as he preached on Philippians 2:1-11, one of my favorite New Testament passages.  Worship was sweet and Doug and the Skit Guys were hilarious as always.  They do a great job of making everyone feel welcomed and loved on!

Finally, we got our Outreach & Evangelism affinity group off of the ground tonight by sharing our vision for THE Cause with youth leaders who are passionate about evangelism.  I also threw down a challenge that I plan on being a part of as well.  The Nation of Islams national conference is here this weekend in the same hotel and convention center so the challenge is to have a spiritual conversation with one of them with the intent of sharing the Gospel.  I will definitely let you know how that one plays out.

Excited to see what else God has in store for us this weekend…

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