Tonight’s study was a little shorter than normal since it had been so long since we met (we kinda lost our groove).  However, we did have some cool discussions about Romans 3 & 4 tonight that encouraged me as my high school boys have been reading and understanding the passages.  Here are a few brief highlights of waht we discussed:

  • While God’s grace is what saves us we should never sin in excess to demonstrate God’s unlimited grace.  In fact, it is a greater demonstration of God’s grace to show our own growth as we strive to become more like Jesus Christ.
  • Even though Abraham was the first to be circumcised as a sign of the Covenant, the faith that was credited to him as righteousness was something he had demonstrated long before his circumcision (again highlighting that our faith is what saves us and that our obedience to God’s law follows, it doesn’t save us).
  • The greatest purpose the law serves is to show us how desperately we need Jesus.
  • Everyone has sinned and missed the mark.

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