I read this book on the flight back from the Columbus conference this past weekend and absolutely loved it.  In fact, I wish I hadn’t waited so long to read it.  I had heard from various youth leaders and teens how good the book was and was pleased to realize that their testimonies and accounts were accurate.

Firestarter is the sequel to Greg Stier’s book Venti Jesus, Please and picks up right where its predecessor left off.  We join Jared, Kaleigh, Nick and Jen on their faith journey as the “Four Muskateers” and specifically follow Kaleigh, the new Christian who is absolutely passionate about God and telling the world, through the eyes of Jared, our athiest narrator.

I think this pair of books is essential for teenagers in the church to read and given the opportunity to be a Youth Pastor again, I would purchase a copy of both for every teen in my ministry and extras in anticipation of the radical growth that I would be bound to experience.  Venti Jesus, Please has value as an evangelism tool that Christian teens can use to start spiritual conversations with their friends and share the Gospel with them.  It’s excellent in helping them take those first steps in evangelism.  Firestarter takes it to a whole new level by giving teens a vision for what could happen on their school campus if they got strategic with sharing their faith and organizing other Christian teens to do the same.  The book introduces readers to those basic strategies developed by Dare 2 Share:

  • A vision for THE Cause
  • THE Cause Circle
  •  Pray-Pursue-Persuade
  • The ABC’s of Persuade: Accept the Gospel, Belong to a church, Commit to THE Cause
  • Relational / Relentless evangelism

The challenge that I feel after reading this book and the challenge I would give the teens in my Youth Ministry would be to turn these books of fiction into stories of reality so we could advance THE Cause on every middle school and high school in America.  All 67,342 of them!

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